Ring Making Supplies

Jewellery Making Tools & Ring Making Supplies for Artisan Ring Makers UK & Worldwide

Ring inlay filled with lab grown synthetic Bello Opal

Ring Supplies UK stock a wide range of quality metal ring cores & blanks for artisan ring & jewellery makers & turners.

We have Stainless Steel ring cores,  Titanium ring cores and Ceramic cores with a huge choice of top quality one piece cores and two pieces with threads. 

Very popular with our customers, is the use of inlay ring cores combined with crushed opalmetal inlay powders and decorative sands and glow in the dark pigment powder. Used individually or in combination they create the most amazing hand made rings.

Ever growing is our stock of wood ring blanks for ring turners who use our quality ring making tools, lathe ring chucks and expanding ring mandrels.


Ring Making Cores

Ring making cores, blanks and liners for craft handmade jewellery.

Ring cores come in a range of material including 316L quality Stainless Steel, Titanium, Tungsten Carbide and Ceramic.

Ring Chucks & Expanding Ring Mandrels

  • Ring Turning Chuck M33 x 3.5

    Ring Chuck M33 x 3.5

  • 2 x Expanding Ring Mandrels covers sizes 4-13 - ring making expanding mandrels

    2 x Expanding Ring Mandrels covers sizes 4-13

  • Lathe ring turning chuck - Ring Chuck for 1"-8 TPI Lathe

    Ring Chuck for 1"-8 TPI Lathe

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Robert Sorby Turning Tools

Ring Making Special Offers & Bundle Deals

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Ring Inlay Material

Crushed lab grown Opal, Volcanic Sand, Glow in the dark powder, decorative inlay materials

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