Ring Turning Mandrels – How to make your own

We now have a stainless steel expanding ring mandrel to purchase if you do not wish to make your own. Click on the image below.

Expanding ring turning making mandrel

Ring turning mandrels can be quite expensive, often you need to buy 3 or 4 expanding mandrels to suit all sizes of ring core you may be turning. One way for a cheaper ring turning mandrel is to make your own on your woodturning or metal lathe.

Ring Turning Mandrels

The video below shows a simple method of creating your own mandrel using one piece of wood that you probably already have lying around in your workshop.

Simply turn the wood round, and make sections for different sizes of rings, then using a saw, cut a cross into the wood. This allows the tailstock of your lathe to open up the sections and create a firm grip onto the ring ready for turning or sanding. This could be a free or certainly very cheap ring turning mandrel!