Ring Supplies UK

Comfort fit Stainless Steel Band Ring Cores 4mm
Ring Supplies UK are delighted to bring you a new online shopping experience for your lathe turned ring supplies. We have ring and bangle cores, a wide range of ring turning blanks including acrylic, hybrid and wood ring blanks (Some extra special exotic hardwood blanks)

Expanding ring mandrel

We stock a top quality stainless steel expanding ring mandrel which fits in your lathe to help you create the perfectly round hand made ring.

Ring Turning Starter Kits

New to Ring Supplies UK range is a fantastic ring turning starter kit including most of what’s required to turn rings on a lathe (Other than the lathe and gouges etc!) A selection of ring cores in various sizes, our top rated expanding ring mandrel, ring boxes and ring blanks all at a lower price than buying individually.

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